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Welcome to College Writing Programs (CWP)

CWP is the heart of writing instruction at UC Berkeley. We are university lecturers with advanced professional training in teaching writing.

We teach writing as a craft, and work with students at all levels of expertise, from those wishing to satisfy the university’s composition requirements, through intermediate writers looking to expand their horizons, to seasoned scribes who want to hone their skills in our upper-division courses. Our mission is to help you build confidence in your writing and enhance your ability to express rich ideas thoughtfully. Our philosophy of teaching includes small class size, careful attention to building your critical reading and thinking skills along with your writing, personalized attention, and a great deal of practice writing and revising. We’re proud to say that students frequently point to CWP courses and faculty as among the best they’ve had at Cal.


Have you done the exam?

AWP Exam

Fulfillment of the University of California Entry Level Writing Requirement is a prerequisite to enrollment in all reading and composition courses at UC Berkeley.

One way to fulfill that requirement is to pass the Analytical Writing Placement Examination.

Lower Division Courses

CW 10B - Advanced Public Speaking

This is an advanced course in public speaking.  The prerequisite is College Writing 10A, Introduction to Public Speaking.

CW R4B - Reading, Composition, and Research

This writing seminar satisfies the second half of the Reading and Composition Requirement.

CW 25AC - Reading in and about US Education Institutions

This course fulfills the American Cultures Requirement and is intended for international students, but all students are welcome.

CW 20 - Communicating in Class: Advanced Listening and Speaking for International Students

This advanced oral communication course for multilingual international students offers opportunities to practice listening and speaking strategies in the U.S. university classroom.

Upper Division Courses

CW 130 - Introduction to the Craft of Creative Writing

This course in creative writing focuses on three genres: the personal essay, the short story, and the one-act play.

CW 150AC - Researching Water in the West

This course examines the subject of water in California, a topic central to an understanding of California history.  The course fulfills the American Cultures Requirement.

CW 192AC - Advanced Composition: Community-Based Ethics

This course focuses on an understanding of ethical decisions within cultural contexts.The course fulfills the American Cultures Requirement.


Multilingual Student Writers

The Symposium on Multilingual Student Writers addresses multilingual student needs in the writing classroom and provides teachers with hands-on approaches they can adapt for use in their specific educational settings.

Writing Community

Berkeley Writers at Work

The Berkeley Writers at Work series was begun in 1997 as a forum for campus writers of note to discuss their writing process. Research and teaching are the two primary goals of a large research university like Berkeley. Research is highlighted in many ways on this campus; to a lesser degree, so is teaching. However, writing itself—the primary way that faculty convey the results of their research—is rarely discussed.


Classroom in Progress Brownbag

"Classroom in Progress" is a monthly brownbag series where graduate students, faculty members, and others interested in writing instruction come together in an informal environment to share ideas and concerns regarding classroom structures, assignments, activities, policies, and procedures.

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