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CWP Featured in The Berkeleyan

In "Berkeley's Writing Requirement? Bold Vision, Endless Revision," Barry Bergman, Principal Editor of The Berkeleyan, writes, "Whether it’s cookbooks, novels, research papers or email memos to the boss, College Writing Programs aims to demystify the act of writing."

College Writing Programs is not, in short, your grandparents’ writing program. Grammar and syntax still apply, and still matter. But CWP has come a long way from its 19th-century origins, when UC students were schooled in “Oral and Written Expression” — known universitywide as Subject A — defined as the ability to use English “correctly, clearly and pertinently.” In addition to such longtime staples as reading and comp and professional communication, the 21st-century Berkeley program offers more than 20 courses in everything from public speaking, creative nonfiction and travel writing to new media, where advanced students learn concision by crafting 130-character micro-essays suitable for Twitter.

All told, the program’s two dozen lecturers now provide instruction to 700 students a semester, about 300 of them in freshman R1A. Another 700 enroll in summer classes, including 500 international students,

“We want people to have something to say,” explains [CWP Lecturer Steve] Tollefson. “But the other thing that works in College Writing is our enthusiasm for the subject of writing. Everyone is so thrilled to be doing this, and thinks it’s so important, that it rubs off on the students.”

Read the full article in the UC Berkeley NewsCenter at http://newscenter.berkeley.edu/2012/01/31/college-writing-programs/ .


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